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Meet ‘Life of a Punter’, your guide to being a successful punter

Are you tired of making the same mistakes over and over again? Take the first step towards change and learn what the professional football punters do constantly to build and protect their bankroll.

We at Life of a Punter offer you premium tips, data and betting strategies. It's time to stop betting on the hunch and losing money in the long term.

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How many units
do I stake?

I lose more money
than I actually win

Where do I get access
to reliable data?

How do I narrow down

How many units do I stake on each bet?

With Life of a Punter you will learn how to properly stake and apply this strategy to your bankroll. Thus, you will become more disciplined and avoid principles like "doubling down".

By setting profit target and limits on your losses you will never go bankrupt again.

I lose more money than I actually win

Are you unable to control your emotions? Do you feel like you need to "double down" or "stake higher on your next bet"?

It is time to get a hold of these emotions and learn to control them. The betting strategies of Life of a Punter will help you to become a more disiplined and profitable punter.

Research? I don't have access to sufficent and reliable data.

Life of a Punter offers a custom data engine with only relevant statistics ensuring you don't have to bet on your gut feeling.

Unlike Life of a Punter, free data sites might clog too many statistics on one page confusing you. This leaves you undecided on what team to back or how to identify a bet.

So many games a week! How do I narrow down bets?

At Life of a Punter we believe that it is (nearly) impossible to research every game. Therefore, to save your time we send you a list of the top scoring leagues covered by us.

This way we narrow down the possible games before your day even starts

Struggling making profit over the long-term?

You probably know the basics about betting; how to place a bet, different bookmakers and markets so on, but do you actually follow a strategy?

If you do have such strategy. How long does it last when you are on a losing run of several bets? It goes out of the window instantly, right?

Learn the habits that successful punters follow so you can control your own emotions and hold onto your profits.

Download the FREE checklist and start building your bankroll.

What will you learn?

Let us help you to become a professional punter

We at Life of a Punter believe than anyone can be profitable by placing bets.

The sky is the limit (or the bookmakers are). You just have to get the right tooling, staking plans, data and bankroll management. Even more important; get those emotions under control, don't stake like there's no tomorrow when you lose a few bets in a row.

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