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Another amazing UCL week. Manchester City got pretty much knock-out of the UCL in a time-span of 2 minutes and Liverpool “almost” bottled it in the first half against Villerreal.

To keep the excitement up, we have got something you will definitely like.

Seeing your bookmaker more than your girlfriend

As you all know by now; we at Life of a Punter provide you with statistics and betting tips. This gives you the opportunity to select your own bets by selecting matches that meet your criteria or to just blindly follow what we have lined-up for you.

Now think of that situation where you have selected your bet using some beautiful strategy. Let’s say you found that betting on o0.5 Total Goals in a Liverpool vs Manchester City is the perfect chance to make some money, but it is minute 55 and the odds are about 1.2.

You really really really want to grab this bet but you have to check the odds every 2 to 3 minutes to see if they finally made it to that precious 1.5 boundary you set for yourself. So this is what you will do during the match:

  • Checks bookmaker in minute 55; odds 1.2
  • Checks bookmaker in minute 58; odds 1.25
  • Checks bookmaker in minute 61; odds 1.3
  • Checks bookmaker in minute 64; odds 1.35
  • Checks bookmaker in minute 67; odds 1.4
  • Checks bookmaker in minute 70; odds 1.45
  • Checks bookmaker in minute 73; odds 1.5

At last! You finally made it to the 1.5 area, you’ve checked your bookmaker at least 7 times in a timespan of less than 20 minutes. Totally fine, right? For one match this is perfectly doable.

What if you have two or more matches to check. Well we can sketch this out for you, telling you that you will check your bookmaker countless times, possibly wasting your time because maybe it hits early or you forget about the bet.

Introducing custom alerts

Luckily for the sake of your time, and maybe the happiness of your girlfriend (if you got one), we created custom alerts.

As of now, we at Life of a Punter, give you the ability to set up your own alerts according to our “Watchlist”. How? You might wonder. We created a supercomputer that allows you to:

  • Select you bet from our “Watchlist”
  • Set the desired odds for that particular bet

At that point all is set from your side. Our supercomputer will track the odds and notify you when it reaches your desired (and set) odds.

Life of a Punter Custom Alerts

Setting up

The first time we, sadly, do require you to do some extra work. We promise however that after that it is very easy (easier than getting a goal in LaLiga, we swear). Run through the following steps and you should be all set to go:

  • Head over to your profile
  • Click on the “Activate ‘Alert’-bot”-tab
  • Follow the simple set of instructions on your screen (too technical? Watch the video)
  • Be sure to “Save” your profile after completing the instructions

You're all set! You head over to our “Predictions”-page and use the red QR-icon to set up your own personal alerts.

Set up your own alerts - Life of a Punter

On your “Profile”-page you will have the option to remove alerts if you no longer wish to receive them. In addition to that, to avoid you needing to go to your profile all the time to see your alerts we added a widget on the “Dashboard”-page to view your alerts.

Stay tuned

Tomorrow we will share our predictions for the weekend.

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Cheers to your success!

- Rick and Sander
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